Country Day 2019 is scheduled for Friday 20 September.

All our Country Day 2019 information can be found here once all details are finalised closer to the date.



Country Day Entry Form 2018

Note from School Newsletter 23.7.18

The main highlight for Term Three is our Annual Country Day, which is scheduled for Friday 21 September – all the key details regarding this day will be in our school newsletter closer to the time. However, due to the current risk and uncertainty surrounding Mycoplasma-bovis the recommendation from MPI and Dairy NZ is for schools not to have calves at their Pet or Country Days.  We are going to follow this advice for 2018.  MPI have said “Bringing animals from different herds together poses a risk of disease spread. While the risk is relatively low, we are in a critical phase for tracking down and eradicating Mycoplasma bovis and unnecessary mixing of animals at events like calf days should be avoided”.  Dairy NZ have said In this heightened time of biosecurity risk, the risk of Mycoplasma bovis being spread from animal to animal must be considered. Ultimately if animals don’t come into contact, then the risk of spread is low. The question that needs to be considered is how likely it is that animals won’t come into contact. DairyNZ and MPI agree that mixing young animals and then returning them to their home farm, is not worth the risk under the current state of heightened biosecurity in New Zealand. Kids and animals don’t always stick to plans!”  I realise this news will come as a disappointment to those children and families expecting to bring calves to our Country Day.   I thank you for your understanding with this.