Our library has over 3000 books, games, puzzles and activities that caters for all our children.  Our librarian is Mrs Liz Righton.

Each class visits the library every week. It is also available to children on Tueaday and Wednesday lunchtimes.

Books are issued for two weeks.

New books are placed on display for one week so that the whole school can see them. They may not be borrowed during this time.

Year 6 students can apply to become librarians. Librarians assist Mrs Righton at lunchtimes.

Book Fridge

A new addition for our library is a Book Fridge – which is similar to a book exchange programme. It is situated outside the library and is where all the cool books live.

Q. How does the Book Fridge work?
A. Your child brings in one book from home that you are happy to let them swap. They put their book in the Book Fridge and take out another one they would like to read. When they have read that book they can bring it back and swap it for another book.

Q. What kind of books can be brought in?
A. Please bring in books that are in good condition, age appropriate, and that other students might like to read.

Q. When will the Book Fridge be open?
A. The Book Fridge will be open at lunchtimes and before school starts each morning.